My name is Janet Ericsson and I live in a small village called Bromölla in the south of
  of Sweden.
  In my family there are besides me, my husband. We have 3 children who is not living
  with us anymore , so we have a lot of space to our cats and dogs. 
  In my cattery  there are 7 mainecoons, one 15 years old Norweigen Forrest cat and.
  2 lovely dogs.
      All my cats are tested for HCM /HD and also DNA tested for the  MyBPC 3 gene

       You can see their health status on the "hälsa" page.

 Note!! This is not a guarantee that a cat will not develope this heart disease during it's
 life time. At the time being there is nothing more to do but an ultrasound when the
 cat is one year of age. Then they will re-test at the age of two, three and five.
 I concentrate my breedingwork with less common lines. I have both foundationlines
.showlines and Outcross lines in my cattery.
 The temperament, type and size are very important but not at the prize of an increased
 inbreeding. For that reason my choice of working with outcoss pedigrees is very easy.
 All our cats lives together with the family. No cats are ever caged!!
 If a cat for example starts spaying he will be neutered immediately .I will not have my
 home ruined and it is against my will to lock someone in.The most important thing for
.us.. is that our cats are happy and enjoys life.

 My  cats have access to 600 square metres enclosed garden.They can play, climb
 the trees, hide and do some bird chasing :-)